Our company provides next generation systems and information security solutions, several of which are based upon our own licensed technologies and ongoing developments. The threat landscape is always changing and new science in the field of cyber security is critical to any defensive measure, innerCore partnering agreements with technology companies engaged in cyber security research and development enables us to deliver leading edge disruptive solutions. innerCore is developing scalable network operations in conjunction with certified Tier IV Gold data hub facilities, and next generation Cloud Container provisioned technology compliant with industry security standards.

Our Team

Robert Hayes, President & CEO. An extensive background with large industrial networked systems, real time data analysis and capital projects worldwide while working with major engineering companies in the power and petrochemical industries. In recent years, Robert has performed extensive research and development in the data sciences, and is responsible for the development of advanced encryption and system identification technology. Educated in the UK and experienced with multi-million dollar IT projects, Robert balances entrepreneurship with the operational needs of a growing organization.


Ivan Buzbuzian, Director Enterprise Strategic Initiatives. With direct development of markets for new technology and the management of capital intensive projects, Ivan brings broad experience in the establishment of distribution channels globally leveraging his own extensive network of relationships with executives in many industries. Having worked with companies that faced the challenges of delivering hardened solutions, Ivan also brings experience working with clients in the highly regulated financial and government sectors.


Richard Hunsaker, Director Research & Development. Richard comes from the heavily regulated international casino gaming industry and has successfully fielded a quarter of a million hardened systems for clients across the globe, used in the harsh environment of consumer interaction. With expertise in embedded systems, real time command and control, communications and intelligence gathering, Richard has developed impenetrable systems that are impervious to attack and is the holder of several patents.


Brenda Chastaine, Director Digital Media Services.  Brenda has extensive experience with leading edge technology companies developing innovative awareness and outreach programs, specifically guiding marketing and sales teams to exceeed corporate goals for revenue growth. Using mobile and virtual programs for regional and market sector specific business development teams, Brenda has guided emerging companies competing against established brands building strong positioning and adoption growth strategies.


Scott McDougall, Director Fintech Merchant Relationships. A career working with technology and service companies bringing innovative products to consumer markets, Scott brings to innerCore the experience to build strong relationships with partner clients at all levels of the operation. Partnerships with financial service providers will be a key component of our expansion as we enter new global markets, Scott will be extensivelly involved with launch and post launch market support.


Science Advisory Board

Dr. Niccolo Caderni, Chairman. Niccolo has been the recipient of awards from the Italian Physics Society for research on General Relativity, held the post of Senior Research Fellow at the European Space Agency and was elected as Lector at the University of Cambridge. Previously he was appointed  as VP of mergers and acquisitions at Bankers Trust in London, with special responsibilities for emerging technologies. Niccolo has a special interest in complex mathematics in dynamic systems, more recently focused on communication networks and data security.


Dr. Salim Hariri, Autonomic Computing Systems. A recognized authority on autonomic computing, autonomic network defense and high performance parallel computing, Salim is the University of Arizona site director for the National Science Foundation Cloud and Autonomic Computing center. Salim has also helped author several books on distributed and parallel computing, and is the founder of a University of Arizona spin out company for cyber security technologies and is an active professor at the University of Arizona.