Any device or node within a networked system has no awareness of the authority or validity of a tasking source, and no heuristic capability to test and determine the authenticity of any endpoint communicating with it. Current cyber security for systems and transactions rely on measures applied at the information or application level, and sender/receiver devices and transfer nodes within cloud offerings that are part of the infrastructure are not tested before or during a task to ensure an authenticated closed system is correctly in use.


Endpoint Verification is accomplished through the deployment of agents we call Defensive Virtual Connection (DVC) sensors. These are designed to test their environment establishing an origin baseline and provide a tethered totem (designated identifier) that respond only to other DVC queries. In any transaction or network communication a query can be made of the totem by applications or external networked devices, and totem agents retain a history of connections to other DVC equipped devices thereafter use to verify authenticity.

DVC technology ensures that endpoints and infrastructure nodes within an Exosphere system are verified, enabling highly secure connections between two devices to be established. Blended with innerCore’s nodepoint information encryption and eidetic data structure technologies, a software definable virtual wire is created that has intelligence and tactical threat response capabilities that can be applied over any system.