Exosphere Credentialing Over Mesh Infrastructure

Wireless solutions at the edge of the network are driving more mobility giving consumers more choices through their ever smarter mobile devices. The relationship between physical and digital business operations and the way transactions are being handled is forever changing. Smart homes and cars, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, virtual personal assistants, distributed ledgers and the digital transfer of values are all possible because of the underlying mesh of IT infrastructure and software platforms.

However smart or feature rich an application is or from which platform it is deployed, the effectiveness of verifying devices and human users within an organization or at the consumer level will determine the overall effectiveness and security of any system. Credentials of equipment and users used in present day networks must evolve to provide trusted connections, confidence in digital identities and confirmed verification across diverse platforms.exosphere2b

Analogous to the definition of Exosphere which is the outermost region of the atmosphere, innerCore is blending proprietary and partner technologies to provide credentialed services that operate above the IT mesh. Exosphere is a massively distributed data sampling and record retention solution that fences off personal information, applies eidetic memory logic to information transfers across software defined routes within the cloud and unique totems and endpoint agents to enable federation across all systems.


Local user data samples and device paring are used to develop a credential, this information is retained within a local silo and continuous authentication is applied.


To ensure valid point to point transactions or data sharing micro contracts are programmed into the information, a memory ledger of routing and data integrity provides a trust token.


A device specific sensor agent tests its environment for status validation, a pass result opens a unique identifier that can be applied to communications or application security.

innerCore Exosphere technology is being applied to financial mobile platforms to provide enhanced identity and authentication measures, security of third party applications and federation across retail and financial institute systems. For more detailed information or case study presentations, please contact us through our contact page