newsicon2March 2017. innerCore enter into agreements to provide primary infrastructure and mobile technology for an Asia based mobile financial platform. We Smart Solutions is a Hong Kong based financial services organization delivering remittance and transaction services across multiple territories including Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and China. The technology will include delivery of services over mobile networks to support an initial audience of two million users, regional partnerships with commercial and financial sector players are expected to produce growth above five million users within eighteen months.


newsicon2February 2017. innerCore launches secure scalable infrastructure services in Hong Kong to service the needs of our clients across Asia, support for cloud container delivery and administration of popular platforms is provided by our partners at Stratus 5. Early adopter client trials are already underway and cross border trials into China and other countries are planned for mid year, we expect to be delivering data services for mobile solutions that reach more than one million users by year end.


newsicon2January 2017. SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Sensory Inc., a Silicon Valley company enhancing user experience and security for consumer electronics, and innerCore, provider of next-generation payment processing systems and cybersecurity solutions, today announced a global partnership that will assist more banks, enterprises and financial institutions worldwide to bolster security of data sensitive mobile apps. As part of the end-to-end secure user authentication platforms they offer, innerCore now offers its customers the ability to integrate Sensory’s TrulySecure™ face and voice biometric authentication into their apps, providing users a more secure and convenient experience. Read full article.

newsicon2November 2016. innerCore introduces blended biometric and networked device measures to extend secure access to personal information on mobile platforms, Exosphere networking and RamoraD technology will be applied to partner technologies for biometrics and scalable cloud services. Mobile platforms will benefit from a higher level of authentication and point-to-point security across any infrastructure, users will gain a more robust yet frictionless expierence when engaging financial or other sensitive services.


newsicon2September 2016. innerCore enters into a five year agreement with First Global Data to provide strong cyber identification and device level security for a mobile payment and funds deposit application. With millions of consumers currently using the application called PayQwik through their mobile phones and tablets, new deployments and expanded retail operations wiill reach more than thirty million consumers in the next few years. innerCore will provide highly secure continuous authentication for device and human identification, blending proprietary technology with biometric and cyber DNA learning capabilities in support of the mobile to retail platform. innerCore positioned as a financial technology (Fintech) provider with solutions that impact the consumer electronic and transaction processing markets, we will seek to establish new relationships within the retail and banking community where transaction networks can benefit from our leading edge solutions.


newsicon2August 2016. innerCore tentatively comes to agreement with CYSPHERE International to acquire their non linear fast encryption, device agent authenticator and software managed data routing technology. CYSPHERE solutions are designed to be applied within enterprise and consumer level applications, and offer the opportunity to provide strong end-to-end security for any data through any infrastructure. CYSPHERE technology also addresses the future of secure manufacturing and automates ISO 28000 and beyond. This merging of Intellectual Property into innerCore is expected to be completed before year end.


newsicon2July 2016. innerCore begins development with technology partners to build a cyber identity and authentication application for use on disparate mobile systems, the technology will blend sampling from system issued identities with biometrics and personal data to provide a continuously testable solution. Both human user and device level authentication will become a part of the application, positioning innerCore to engage with global companies developing products for the Internet of Things (IoT) market.


newsicon2April 2016. innerCore completes early testing of the Automated Integrated Management (AIM) system for commercial deployment, an appliance based cyber security solution that uses autonomic analysis and response to network and insider threats. AIM systems are designed to protect networks used by small to medium size buisness operations, manufacturing plants and infrastructure systems including utility and petrochemical.


newsicon2January 2016. innerCore and our technology partners will be showcasing some of our suite of cybersecurity solutions during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, including demonstrations of autonomic information technology management appliances, information security and persistent authentication methods. We will also be sharing information about the planned opening of our command and control network operations and data hubs, i3 unified solutions and other developments relating to cyber identities and cyber currency transactions within next generation eCommerce solutions.


newsicon2January 2016. innerCore has entered into a partnership with Global Cyber Solutions to provide marketing and customer support for all clients and product distribution in Canada, including the integration of cybersecurity technologies within specially branded applications. Global Cyber Solutions plans to invest in an expansion of information technology services with a special focus on cybersecurity, cloud based and local hub or on-site managed solutions, and government sector special requirements. Global Cyber Solutions representatives will be joining us at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early January.


newsicon2November 2015. A new partnership agreement with Avirtek Inc, a developer of autonomic network security and event management solutions, provides innerCore with appliance based on-site network administration and forensic capabilities. In an understanding that provides for investment in product commercialization and global distribution, innerCore plans to incorporate the Avirtek site appliance capabilities into a broader managed cyber security suite of offerings for clients in many industries. This new relationship also provides access to ongoing research and development being performed in conjunction with the University of Arizona and projects funded under federal programs.